Giving. It’s at the heart of our business.

We also recognize handouts don’t solve recurring problems. Years ago we shifted our mindset towards investing in our community, empowering organizations to help now where it’s needed and also to plan for a better future!

Every purchase through our store helps these groups that are working hard to help people and animals live well, and to protect our planet so we all have a place to live.

Follow us on social media to hear about all the great initiatives, special fundraisers and to learn more about what is going on in our community.

Here are some of the many organization we support:




We're thrilled to announce a new opportunity for local performers! We'll pay for artists to busk on Broadway. That's cold cash from us PLUS what they collect on the street.

There are 10 spots available (apply before April 25,2021) for performances that will happen on weekends between June 1 - August 30.

Stay tuned for announcements on social media about who will be performing and when!


We have also hosted past events like our Yard and Home tour, FREE Yoga in the Park and community acupuncture with new offerings every year!