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These Masks are made with Certified Organic Cotton, just like our hannahPADs. Made with 2 layers of organic cotton fabric, these are super comfortable to wear. Available in 2 colours, Black and Beige, the inside layer where it touches your skin is our signature natural beige certified organic cotton. 

 Important Information:

✅ hannah⋮MASKs are NOT medical-grade masks
✅ You should not replace the mask for social distancing, hand-washing, or any other medical advice given.
✅ Please wash before first use! Masks should be washed after every use with warm/hot water & soap and hang to dry.  You can use washing machine & dryer. Please note that frequent use of dryer may shrink the masks even further.

✅ Masks should not be worn for children under 2 years of age or those who have trouble breathing.