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A KickStarter backed product! With the help of nearly 300 backers, LWP brought to life the ultimate plastic-free, washable, insulated and portable lunch bag. 

Why we love this bag:

  • It is entirely plastic-free. From its body to its strap to its zipper. No plastic here!
  • It is machine washable. Unlike most other lunch bags on the market, this lunch bag is entirely plastic-free.  Conventional plastic lunch bags inevitably get dirty over time, but can only really be wiped clean. This Clean Lunch Bag is machine washable thanks to its removable wool insulated panels.
  • And yes, it’s insulated! The Clean Lunch Bag is designed to keep your food, hot or cold, at the right temperature.
  • This is a Cradle-To-Cradle (or circular product). The insulated wool panels are leftover from the manufacturing process of an organic mattress company.
  • It’s organic! Made of GOTS certified organic cotton and Argentinian organic wool.


22.8 cm x 22.8 cm x 24.1 cm


GOTS 100% Certified Organic Cotton, Argentinian Organic Wool

Care Instructions:

To machine wash, remove insulating wool panels. Hang to dry. Wool panels are not machine washable, they can be spot cleaned with a small amount of mild soap and water. Dry flat.

Country of Manufacture:

Bag is made in India, Panels are made in Canada.

Health and Environment:

BPA-Free, Plastic-Free, Made from safe and natural materials.