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10 sticks 

Used in ancient Aztec traditions, Mayan Copal is loved for its purifying properties. The sacred wood is harvested from medicinal trees native to southern Mexico, and with a burn-time of 60 minutes per stick, Copal is your new natural necessity. 

For a fresh and fragrant ritual, burn to cleanse your space with the woodsy scent of pine.

Since the 6th century, incense has been used in rituals across the globe. Characterized by aromatic, billowy smoke, this wellness wonder is nature's potent purifier. From Japan to India to South America and Mexico, its use can be traced in shamanic history as an all-natural tool for cleansing energy and reviving the spirit. Strike a match, let it burn, and fill your space with the healing aromas of the earth.

About Woodlot:

Woodlot is a Canadian line of premium, natural home & body basics. Our ingredients are as pure as our intentions; Woodlot’s products were created to inspire the beauty rituals of future generations who value clean-burning, plant-based products. Harmonizing ancient traditions from across the globe, our handmade products invite the spirit of wellness into the homes of communities near and far—Woodlot is for everyone.

Woodlot was founded in 2014 out of the founders’ home in Vancouver, Canada. It was born from a desire for natural, plant-based products which infused the best essential oils for aromatherapy. Our coconut and soy candles, all-natural soaps and lotions, essential oils and natural body mists are crafted from simple ingredients to inspire wellness and ignite conversation; as much as Woodlot is a home and body company, it is a brand that stands behind the philosophy that beauty and wellness should be intentional, inclusive, and natural.